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Rock climbing in Kalymnos

The diversity of beaches, limestone crags and mild climate make Kalymnos an ideal place for climbing!

Hiking in Greece

Discover nature in a land of contrasts. Explore Greece!

Climbing in Greece: Meteora

Located in central Greece, the rocks of Meteora are a once in a lifetime rock climbing experience!

Rafting in Zagori

Discover the ultimate rafting destination in Greece!

Explore the breathtaking natural scenery and the mountainous trails of Epirus

rock climbing

Outdoor activities and adventure trips in Greece


Think North Think North
Top 3 spots in Northern Greece! View the brochure!

climbing Greece
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hiking Epirus Hiking Epirus: Aoos gorge
An exceptional hiking experience in Northern Greece.
trekking in Evritania Trekking Panta Vrexei Canyon
Thinking of river trekking in Alpine scenery? Karpenisi is the place to visit.
Rafting in Epirus Rafting in Zagori
Rafting is a popular activity in the region, as Zagori provides visitors with plenty of routes, amazing experiences, and stunning landscape views.
Mountain biking in Mount Paggaio Mountain biking in Mount Paggaio
Mount Paggaio is a brilliant destination for those who enjoy mountain biking in a tranquil area of unique natural beauty.
Climbing Mount Olympus Climbing Mount Olympus
Climbing mount Olympus is a unique opportunity to experience the majesty of this massive peak.

A few photos from a unique spot in Greece.

A collection of pics from a unique spot in Northern Greece.
A few photos from a brilliant destiation at Epirus (Northern Greece).
A collection of photos from Lailias (Northern Greece).

He started climbing when he was 11 years old, and since then he keeps on surprising us with his achievements.

Steph Davis,one of the best free solo climbers in the world, was willing to share her experiences with us...Enjoy!

A few words from Kilian Jornet...
A unique photostory from Mount Olympus


climbing in Greece
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Explore mount Olympus
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Rafting in Zagori
Rafting in river Alfeios
Climbing in Kalymnos
Climbing in Meteora
Experience Ancient Olympia
Horseback riding in Pertouli
Trekking Fonias canyon
Trekking Samaria gorge (Crete)
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